NEW products release!

So happy to announce the release of the Meditating Hare Pin — an idea I’ve held on to for a bit. I wanted to bring this theme into the Hares on Hold series for many reasons, one being a reminder to take a breath and JUST BE. Our society is obsessed with being busy and multi-tasking to an unhealthy degree, in my opinion. Technology has pulled us into an instant-turnaround culture, with a non-stop information stream, amping up our stress and anxiety and limiting our sleep and in-person connections. Aside from all of this, the science on meditation is out — a regular practice has the power to alter our brains, for the better.

In tandem with yoga, meditation has definitely helped me. Never tried it and want to? Here’s a couple helpful apps that I’ve used:


Insight Timer

Additionally, soon to join the product line is the DEBUT H.O.H. TEE! Very excited about this weird one, too. The Tangle Tee features a mess of hares, possibly waiting for help and freedom, as they untangle themselves.

Hold on,